How I was Called to Cast out Demons

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On Saturday night (4-24-10), I went to the movie store to use a coupon for a free rental.  I was drawn to rent a DVD called “A Haunting” by the Discovery Channel, which I had never heard of before.  It contained reenactments of real events – 4 separate cases of different people in different places having demons and evil spirits cast out – or exorcised – from them.

My husband and I watched the first 2 episodes after church, then took the family to the bookstore.  I needed to buy a more compact bible to carry in my purse.  After God’s recent command to me to carry a bible with me at all times (see my recent revelation by the Holy Spirit), I’ve been carrying my large study bible in my purse.  After finding a smaller bible to purchase, I went to find my husband in the store.

On the way to find him, I was drawn to a different aisle and a particular spot on the shelf.  In that spot were 2 books on topics I had been praying about for days, as well as one that took me by surprise:  “They Shall Expel Demons” by Derek Prince.  We bought the books and drove home, reading the expelling demons book aloud all the way home.

Why Was I Directed to a Book About Expelling Demons?

This morning, I was reminded of a strange event that happened to my husband and me last week.  We recently helped a neighbor in fighting a strong addiction to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.  He came with us to church, talked with us about God, and went to a Celebrate Recovery 12-step session.  Then he suddenly stopped answering the phone when we called.

My husband feared that our neighbor was slipping back into the dark addictions and was avoiding church for that reason.  It was clear he was doing worse, not better, and not listening to God’s promise to help him in his struggle.

At this same time, a family member of ours came to our house and brought us a printed poem to give our neighbor.  On it she had typed, “From (husband), (me) and <name withheld>”.  This seemed strange, since we had never seen the poem before.  Before she left, she again reminded us to be sure to give the poem to our neighbor.

Once we read the poem, we both became very nervous.  It was very aggressive and forceful, and all about how you can not depend upon anyone but yourself.  There are no excuses for not succeeding on your own, it said.  Line after line, it hinted that any struggle is your own battle to fight and you have no one to help you.  This was clearly a lie, as we Christians know we have only to ask the Lord for help and we can do all things:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”- Philippians 4:13, AKJV.

The poem had been printed out on March 15th, during the time we were first helping our neighbor.  She had kept this poem for over a month before bringing it over.  It was almost as if she unknowingly waited until he was struggling to give him this poem.  When he was at a low point, he would get written reinforcement of his doubts about getting better.

After reading this poem, I got very afraid, and I told my husband that I thought there was demonic influence at work.  I had no doubt its words were ungodly, telling him to put all his faith in himself only and that he would fail because of his own weakness.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, our names being written on the poem made it seem like it was from us.  Our neighbor knows us to be godly people, and he would have trusted what we gave him.  My husband and I agreed that no good could come from giving him that poem, and it was disposed of immediately.

I know that a lying spirit directed that paper to us, and my husband and I knew that we had no instruction or guidance on how to cast out demons.  Then the movie and book were shown to me.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

I have been called to cast out the evil spirits influencing unknowing people, and I will do all in my ability to learn the scriptural basis and methods to accomplish it.


  1. Danelle,

    I will be praying for you and your husband.


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