Dream From God- Why the Dead May Not Really be Dead

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I was given a dream from God last night and the Holy Spirit gave me the interpretation as well. 

Yesterday, I read a news article about an Australian baby who was born, pronounced dead, then 2 hours later came back to life (August 27, 2010). 

After telling my husband about the newspaper article, he pulled up a news story on AOL news about a premature baby in Mexico that  came back to life inside its coffin as it was being buried (August 6, 2010).

I went to bed with a feeling that something wasn’t right about those stories.  I didn’t pray to ask for clarification, I just went to sleep.  God gave me the answer anyway in a dream.

My Divine Dream

In my dream there was a teenage girl in an indoor swimming pool.  The girl was standing upright in the water and her head was hanging down with her face in the water.  She was dead and had been dead in the pool for 7 days.  Everyone knew she was dead so they just left her there. 

I walked over to her and grabbed the back of her hair, pulling her head up out of the water so that I could see her face.  She opened her eyes and looked and me and started to talk, but it was the demons inside her which were speaking.

I pulled her out of the water and people took notice and came over.  With their help, I began rebuking the spirits inside her and casting out the demons.  The demon that had done this to her was named Death, which I knew because in the process it told me its name.

I cast out the demon Death, and there were other smaller ones that it was protecting as well.  The process of expelling the first demon took the longest, and it was a long and tiring battle.  It fought and fought and did not wish to leave her.  The power of God frightened it so much that the demon finally went out, and then the others left without a lot of trouble.

Afterwards, the girl was dried off and dressed, and we sat on the steps of a staircase talking.  She was talking and acting normally, as if nothing had happened to her at all.  It was as if she had not even been dead at all, let alone for 7 days.

The Dream’s Interpretation from the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit interpreted God’s dream for me instantly, and I woke up and praised God for his faithfullness!

Here is the interpretation:  Sometimes when people die, they are not really dead.  They have been entered by the demon named Death, which is an actual spirit creature.  What it does to people is it makes them appear to be dead.  It causes their bodies to cease exhibiting outward signs of life.  A doctor examining them will find no pulse, no heartbeat, no breathing, and no warmth.  Their bodies will go cold and begin to stiffen, just as a body who is actually dead. 

But this is a type of paralysis – a hold.  The person may be aware and awake inside or may just be “paused”, or unconscious.

They may be “dead” for hours, days, or even a week.  The supposed “dead” person may still really be alive even after being refrigerated in an icy morgue.

The demon can hold on long enough that it actually kills the person.  As in the case where a person pronounced dead is sealed into a coffin, they can actually suffocate from lack of oxygen.

Many times, the person who is believed dead will “come back to life” in the funeral home or at the burial service at the cemetery.  The reason for this is because the amount of praying going on and the presence of the Holy Spirit with those gathered together to pray forces the demon to let go – the people unknowingly cast the demon Death out with their prayer. 

The arrival of the body at a church for a funeral service may be what pushes the demon over the edge.  At that moment, the dead person seems to come back to life, because the demon Death has been forced out of their body. 

When they “died”, it may have appeared to be a heart attack, or a newly born baby that appears to be gasping for air.  The reason for the apparent struggle is because the demon is taking hold of them and there is a fight going on inside.  Many times, a doctor will find no illness or cause for them to have “died” in the first place.

This does not mean that the formerly dead person will not really die again, such as in the case of asphyxia from being confined (as mentioned above).  Jesus told us that a spirit would try to return to a person who had had demons cast out, but would bring more demons with it the 2nd time and would make it worse on the person than before.

Demonic attack is not a natural death.  They do it to be funny, to play games and trick people, and mostly for their own sick amusement.  It’s also enjoyable to them when the doctor in charge gets in trouble for something that wasn’t their fault.

God’s Instructions

God instructed me that we should all pray for discernment if we are ever in a situation like this.  Do not trust the physical outward signs of life or death as your indicator; instead, pray for God’s discernment to know if the person has truly died or is being held captive by the demon of Death. 

If you sense that a demon is at work, you will do better to cast the demon out of your loved one instead of spending that time grieving.  The faster you act, the sooner they will be back with you. 

To cast the demon out, first pray for God’s power and His Holy Spirit to assist you.  Then tell the demon that you are filled with authority by Jesus Christ to expel him from the person.  Tell the demon that they are not welcome in this follower of Christ and rebuke him.  Tell him you bind him and prevent him from harming this person anymore.  Cast him out in the name of Jesus and the Almighty one true God. 

This process may take a while; I’ve had wrestlings with demons that lasted for hours.  Be patient and cast the demon out by name.  If there are others with him, ask for their names.  They must answer you and they know it. 

They will normally only leave one at a time, meaning you have to do the whole process for each one.  You might get tired, so have another strong Christian with you that can take over to give you breaks.  Quote scriptures, quote Jesus, remind the demons over and over that YOU were given authority over them and you can make them leave by God’s power and Christ’s permission.

Dead Coming to Life More Common Than You Think

There are many more cases of people supposedly dead coming back to life at the funeral home or cemetery (of course these are in places that do not require bodies to be embalmed).  This is called the Lazarus Syndrome.

  1. jennifer barrand - May 18, 2011

    I have to say reading this has left me sick. My daughter of 5 months died november 16th 2007. At the time, we were living in a home that i know was haunted. The energy there was cold and unwelcoming like nothing i’ve ever felt in my life. everyone who came felt thesame thing. My mother in law found my (healthy) daughter dead in her crib. As soon as i found out, my first thought was the spirit. I just felt it. Her death was unexplained. Because everyone thought i was nuts about the spirit, i then blamed my in law. Still dont know the truth but now i know my first instict could have been true. Since then, i have been dealing with negative energies and nightmares and bad things happening. Since that house, my life has been hell. Thankyou for all the info here as i have just found it and will continue to read but am devestated that i could still have my daughter here if the priest that came to my side would have prayed with me instead of saying he doesnt pray for the dead. Jennifer

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