What Does it Mean to Cast Demons out of People in Dreams?

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What does it mean to cast demons out of people in dreams?  This is a very common question, so if you were looking for information on what is the casting out demons dream meaning, you’ve come to the right place.

You might have also wondered: What is the meaning of expelling demons in a dream?  Why am I casting evil spirits out of people in dreams?

Since these are very common questions, you now know that many people are having the same types of dreams you are about expelling evil spirits.  You’re not alone or weird, and nothing is wrong with you!

It Means You Have Been Chosen by God for a Special Job – Expelling Demons

If you have had dreams in which you were casting out demons or spirits, it’s important to know that you’ve been chosen by God for a very special job.  Casting out demons is something that every Christian is charged to do:

17 “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;

18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

-Mark 16:17-18, NIV

While every follower of Jesus is given this job and this power over Satan and his demons, much of the Christian church today has stopped teaching about it.  Many people do not know what deliverance is, how to cast out demons, or even that it is our responsibility to expel demons in Jesus’ name!

Because you likely won’t hear about this in your Sunday sermon at church, God is calling people all over the world to this responsibility through prophetic dreams.  Yes, the dreams you’ve been having about casting out demons are prophetic: God is showing you what you are capable of doing with His power and what you will soon be doing for His glory.

So the first meaning of dreams about casting out demons is to alert you to your Godly calling.  But that’s not all.

It Means You Have Started Your Training – The First Ones Will Seem Like Dreams

Battling demons in your sleep may seem like a dream because you are asleep and things are happening.  However, it is most likely that your first demonic encounters will be while you are sleeping.  These dreams that you are having are real, the fights are real, and the power God gives you during them is real.

You are learning to cast out demons in a dream situation where the Holy Spirit controls how difficult the encounter is and how long it lasts.  Casting out demons is physically and emotionally taxing and can leave you exhausted, even after a full night of sleep.

In my experience, the dream training for casting out demons in dreams starts out with relatively easy demons that leave quickly, then progresses as you get stronger to tougher demon fights that take longer.

The situation in your early dreams will likely seem like a dream: it will take place somewhere else and have other people around you in the scenario.

God will not give you harder dreams for casting out demons that what you can handle.  He usually will give you a few nights in between dreams so you can rest and recover to get back your strength for the next fight.

If you are especially tired, make sure you pray before you go to sleep and ask God to please let you skip tonight in order to get more rest.  He listens – I know because I have done this in my own experience!

It Means You’ll Move Onto the Next Step – Casting Out Demons While You Sleep but are Not Dreaming

The next part of this progression, in my experience, is that your dreams of expelling demons will change.  When you are ready, you’ll be casting out demons while you are asleep but NOT DREAMING.  What does this mean?

It means you will probably be sleeping, lying in your bed, with your husband or wife lying next to you, having words with a demon for possibly hours in your OWN BEDROOM.  This is not a dream- it is real, even though you are asleep.

Demons can do a role reversal, which can be really scary or upsetting the first time it happens to you.  In a role reversal, you will see yourself and your spouse lying in your bed and you may even see yourself talking.  You are seeing yourself through the demon’s eyes, and it may even be making its own words come out of your mouth.  It has gone into you, and you into it.

The reversal will usually end as soon as you realize what is happening.  Usually, it will startle you so much that it will end and you will sit up in bed.

If you realize the demon has reversed roles with you and it doesn’t stop, take action right away.  If this happens to you, it’s important to realize it and begin to speak about Jesus firmly.  Be stern with the demon and bind it immediately (say, “I bind you in heaven as on the Earth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”), then command it to leave you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It Means You’ll Start Seeing Demons While You are Awake – Be Ready to Fight Them

This dream training for casting out demons is not for nothing.  God will grant you discernment if you pray for His help, allowing you to see demons in your everyday life and know when people are not acting under their own control.

You should be thankful and pray to the Lord, thanking Him for this gift right now!  You are being trained to go forth and do Jesus’s work of expelling evil spirits and preaching about the coming salvation!

  1. Goodmorning,
    I have read some of the comments here. Its interesting to know that im not only one with these dreams. I have been a christian almost 2 years now. I have always been scared of either ghosts or demons etc. I have had dreams where some evil spirit is looking at me and i cant mention Jesus name until finally in able to say it. 2 nights ago i had a dream where i was laying on my bed next to my husband and my bedroom door was open(we sleep with door open) in my dream there was this feeling of somethin or someone like in form of shadow looking at me, i felt so scared that i have never felt that before. I kept saying or wanting to close the door close the door i kept saying but i couldnt and it felt that thing was trying to get inside my room . With in that second that it felt it was going to enter my room, a text message on my cell woke me up. I woke up feeling so scared that my heart was beating really fast as if the dream was live. I saw my text and it was my mother asking if i was ok because he heard like my laugh or my cry hile she was reading Ephesians 6:11-13.. My mother said she felt in heart to start praying hard and i also started praying with my husband. Are these dreams a vision or some kind of warning

  2. From the story abive, Any comments or response is appreciated. Thank you

  3. I am only 18 about to be 19 an these dreams at first did creep me out. Untill I came to this sight an realized i wasn’t the only one having these frequent dreams of casting out demons. In most of my dreams i have to protect someone; sometimes i don’t know the person and sometimes its a family member or just someone i know. My mission is to walk beside them an make sure they’re safe from any harm; an most of the time its a demon i must cast out of a person; when they are trying to get near. And i wake up so waery without energy. The weird thing is that when i’m casting them out i don’t know what i say an to top that off im casting them off as if like i did that everyday as if i was so used to it… as to say; i had experience on casting them.

  4. Colby vermillion - January 27, 2012

    Hey, I Just thought I’d just tell you about this, I had a bad dream and seemed vividly real. Had to do with my aunt Kristy. Not sure why but she was possessed.had red eyes. I tried to help but anyways…maybe that’s why she is trying to commit suicide?I don’t know. I just found myself grabbing and shaking her telling her to leave. Not sure why I had this dream. I haven’t even seen her in 5 years. She keeps threatening to kill herself and is Bi polar as well. I feel so restless even after getting 8 hours of sleep. Maybe this is my calling? I’ve been asking God what I should do to have Him show me. Idk but only being 21 I already have a unique sense of awareness. Seeing things more then what they seem. What should I do now? Better prepare myself? Pray? Read the word? I just woke up from the dream crying because I was just overwhelmed with God’s presence.

  5. Jessie - January 30, 2012

    I totally had a dream on saturday that I had Cast a demon out of my sister. It was crazy. I walked into this room, my mother and little brother were there and my sister was there too. i walked over to my sister. she back up and kind of screamed like get away from me scream and I held up my hands to show her that i wasn’t going to hurt her. She was crying saying she just gets this rage out of no where. I said I think I know and I saw her eyes change and told that demon to leave in Jesus name. He left and my sister had that peace look and asked her if she felt beter. And told her that she need to accept Jesus other wise that demon was going to come back and it could be worse. Sometimes I dont think that was me doing it. I sometimes think the Holy Spirit does it. This would be the second time i tried to cast out a demon from someone. this time It was someone I knew.

    I had a dream last night that I was in Korea i believe (Which I PCSing there in Aug and Sept) anyways I was going down into the subway and it was dark and I heard the sounds of snakes. It seems like when i go to Korea I get alot of attacks. I was told to prepare for my trip to Korea and when I went to re-enlist they were all Korea except for 2 they were for Hawaii. But i choose Korea because I felt that it where I am suppose to go.

  6. Hannah - February 1, 2012

    I have been having dreams for the past two years that really scare me. In my dreams, I feel as though I’ve woken up and and I start doing things. I soon realize that I am not awake. This process repeats itself several times until I get so freaked out that I wake myself up. I feel like something is in the room and watching me. When I awake, I am numb and almost paralyzed. I can’t move and that’s why I drift back to sleep. Only a few times have I dreamed of that “something” being in my dream but when I do it will taunt me. It throws things, and when I ask it to show itself it doesn’t. All the while, I can’t wake myself up. It’s like I’m trapped in my dream. My fiancé, who sleeps next to me, has to wake me up. There have been a few times that I’ve dreamed that he’s woken me up to only realize that I am still asleep. He says that I don’t scream or kick in my sleep, he says that I make noises and that’s what wakens him. In my dream, I am screaming for him to wake me.

    Please HELP make since of this!!

    Thank you!

  7. who do you call if you think there are demonic apprecliations (don’t know how to spell it) in my mom? we been told by a preacher my mom had all signs of demonic spirt or something like that and she had an episode where she was at a coworkers house and she blacked out and found her self on the floor digging under the ladies couch saying she was looking for her future, then started spitting, and bending in odd positions. she wen tot hospital but found no signs of stroke, seizure or anything medical…..shes a RN and loves to help people but people including myself can’t seem to help her get well physically and mentally. I’m scared she’s all i have and i want my real mom back. Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened?????

  8. hi my name is diego
    i have some dreams ther ei sit up nad are scared . sometimes my body is shakeing when i sleep. when im awake then i got head pain and get sick . btw i can see death pepole when im awake, sometimes i see demons in my dreams and the devil him self. have happen since i was 12year old. and s i get angry about it, bc it chance me soo much, now i dont go out much and my real life well it is screwd

  9. Catalina - February 13, 2012

    This is a tough one for me… My boyfriend/fiance is very religious, and I am agnostic, bordering on atheist. Over our relationship, my boyfriend has been having nightmares that he describes as “spiritual battles”. He’s had them before but never very often. In the past two months, he’s had 3. The first was at his house after we’d both watched a scary exorcism movie. That night, I woke up to hear him praying in tongues. That’s the only way I could explain it. Because of the rhythm, I could tell it was a prayer, but he wasn’t making actual words. I promptly woke him up and he told me he’d been having a battle against a demon. He explained it to me, and we stayed up for several hours to discuss it. It has been a common belief for years that I’m “haunted” by something. Whatever it is has followed me from house to house throughout life, but has never been menacing – it’s just been little things like putting a book in my bed, making a clock spin 12 hours in 10 minutes, sounds, one vision which terrified me so much I’ve never walked into that room again, etc. But it appears this is bothering my boyfriend.

    The other 2 “spiritual battle” dreams were last night. Two in one night. I woke him up from the first one, and he explained that 4 women came into his house and asked if they could hang out for awhile. He said no, and ran into the house top stop them. He knew they were “witches” and began yelling “In the name of Jesus, get out of my house”. He said they got in a van and ran away, and then he began praying (which outside of the dream is when he begins to make the praying-in-tongues sound). We fell back asleep after that, and about 1-2 hours later I woke him up when I heard him again. He didn’t explain what to me what happened in that dream. He said it was similar.

    It doesn’t seem to bother him so much other than he can’t sleep, but this unknown event happening is terrifying the life out of me. Last night, I prayed twice. I had also prayed after the first nightmare last month. These were the first times I have prayed in more than 10 years, since I stopped going to church and following religion. I don’t know what to believe and I’m utterly terrified of what’s happening.

    My boyfriend believes it has to do with me. He says they rarely happen to him, and they’ve now happened 3 times in 1-2 months and always while sleeping next to me. He doesn’t know if it has to do with me being “haunted/followed” for years, or if it’s something else.

    Can I get some thoughts on this? I do believe in ghosts and spirits, even though I have a skeptical disbelief in god. I’m unsure where to go from here. I don’t know how to help him, I don’t know if it’s me, and I don’t know what it all means.

  10. I have these dreams and iam battleing demons out of people like a warrior. And recently a man contorted in front of me demonicly while awake. I was in disbelief. Reason iam writeing, when iam battling in my dream, often i can’t speak. I mumble fighting pushing the words out like iam fighting the demon and its blocking me sluring my words….?

  11. sarafina - February 16, 2012

    I had a dream last night about school everyone was being infected with some desieses that turned you into a zombie like creature. These creature there after went around scratching people who weren’t infected. I don’t remember a lot but what I do remember is in order to protect myself and others we would use metal like objects that looked like a “hand rake” to scratch these creatures and they’d burn and die. I also remember in my dream my arm got scratched by a male creature and another non infected person told me i was going to turn into one of them but I screamed out ” By his wounds I am healed” and my scratch marks went away. I’m nervous after reading what this web site says can someone please let me know what’s what.

  12. Hi..Wow .. Amazed.. The power of God is truly eternal. I have recently reaffirmed my connection with Jesus and God. And are now having these “same” dreams of casting demons out like others on this site.. My “dreamtime” seems slightly different then anyone else has posted here.

    During my dreams i feel like i am covered in a gooey honey-type mollasis, that makes its extremlly difficult for me to move in my dreams when confronting these demons. Kind of like swimming through a mud or “wet” earth. Also.. my speech is being “muffled” as i speak. Like i am trying to scream through water, and the words that are coming out are very , very slow and drawling in nature. Time seems to slow down. I can breathe just fine, but it seems and feels like an eterinty when i try to tell the demons to leave in Jesus’s name. My words and motions are very slow, tedious, and hard to do.. All that being said, i always manage to say it.. I always manage to get the words out ,to rubuke them in Jesus name. To send them scurrying once i am able to say the words. But i feel drained both mentally and spritiually after the event. I have often wondered about this and was very grateful to find this site. I never knew that is what the good Lord has in store me . Casting out demons.. I will go home to pray some more. Amen.

  13. PATIENCE - February 20, 2012

    I had a dream where my aunt was asking if the demon had come out of me and immediately the demon came out of my body i felt i could not move or scream and shout and afterwards i felt calm and prayed this morning i woke up with a sore neck but vfeeling like a weight has been lifted To cap it all i have just started on a 40 day water and juice fast please help

  14. Michael Garza - February 23, 2012

    Hi so ever since I was 5 or younger I’ve been having dreams were I cast out deamons out of people and what not.I am curently 16 and I still been having these drerams everyday of my life I don’t understand I don’t go to church I am not to much of a holly person infact I am almost completly opposite because my life is full of sin in fact I honestly think I might go to hell but I’ve always noticed that there was somthin about me that was just unatural

    I’ve read these articles and I don’t find an answer the dreams I’ve had are so real to the point were I am literally being thrown around my room by these entities but I laugh I speak out tongues somtimes I can’t nd I just mumble and things get physical again I swaer I’ve been possed be4 by eight difrent deamons the only ones name I remember is legion I’ve done exorcisms on myself I don’t kno how I’ve seen these deamons clear as day and I can see them in other people aswell

    I have all these gifts or curses and I am not a holly person I kno about god and kno much more about saten I’ve felt the had of god literally revive me bak to life cus I had died in my sleep once from being so sikk I have also felt the hand of god heal me from major injurios I’ve jhad in the past. Like this one time my ankle was broken so nasty my bone was stikin outa my foot the nxt day I hear a voice and feel this sernity idk how to explain it but then my foot starts poping into place next thing I kno my foot looks like its nevr been touched or harmed within a three day period of the injurie that happend to me when the docter basiclly told me that my foot was *** I had an exray the nxt day and everything was better than normal I do not understand why.

    I am not a holly person and for some reason part of me doesn’t believe in god but I have these supernatural cursses and gifts I don’t understand I remember when I was fourteen I baught a ouja board and litarlly started calling out deamons cursing at them and cursing godd I think blashpamy is what that sin is calld and yah I regret doing that a demaon strangled me with a chain I saw it face to face Ithaught it was gona kill me but I faught bak and fell out of a window in my house durin this confrontation I said somthing in some sort of laguage that I don’t even kno the deamon screamed and bookd it towards the sky no bull**** .

    By reading this you probly think I’m some sort of freak ipromise I’m not I’m just a 16 year old kid who has green eyes likes… doin the normal teenager stuff you kno.if any of you were to see me you wouldn’t think I had these issues I’ve tried praying to god I’ve tried talking to god I don’t get a response I gues he comincates to me through my dreams its nutts the dreams I have oh I also have a brothere nd we both have had experiences that r verry simlar some more intense thsn mine and vise versa.

    what is wrong with me I want an answer I’ve talkd to pastors and for some reason everytime I meet one they say that god told them that they would meet me and that I’m gona do somthing inportant to this world I ask em what and they can’t answer they don’t kno or god dint tell em same with my bro. My mom has told me that when we were new borns that pastors prophisied over us sayin that we r gona be leaders and change the way humanity thinks. I don’t understand I am dying for an answer what do I do who do I go to I’ve never posted anything b4 in my life but when I found this page I felt like I should just let some stuff out cus I literally feel like a bottle of coke that’s been shakin up wayyyyy to much and is about to explode plz any insight will be apretiated!

  15. shalewa - February 24, 2012

    I also dream about fighting some kind of army of darkness or demons but from what i can tell it takes place in the past and i have powers and the dream normally ends with me trapping the darkness in a sword of light. then i wake up what does it mean and i also have dreams that come true and other things please reply i need answers

  16. SHALEWA:

    Your dreams sounds so cool. I hope to be of help to you. I might be wrong but it sounds like you were called to fight the kingdom of darkness. Which it is every believers job. In the name of Jesus we have been given authority over the devil and his angels. In the name of Jesus they have to leave. The sword of light is the Bible. The word of God is sharper than any two edges sword. So you should memorise as much bible verses you can. that will help you out. i read a quote from someone that saids the most dangerous thing to the kingdom of darkness is a person who has the words of Gods on his lips.

    You must seek Jesus on what he wants you to do with this. If you seek him, you will find him. I hoped i helped.

    You do not need to be afriad of them. They are more afraid of you. they can’t do anything to you that God will not allow. I think they get scared when they see a believer who isn’t afriad.

  17. Michael Garza:

    I was reading your post. Don’t worry about people and what they think. I hope to be of help to you.

    I believe you will be use by God in a great way. God is using this time to train you. He has to train you so you can be all he want you to be. He must develop your character and purified by fire. I believe God will come to you when the time comes. Who knows maybe you will be a great pastor one day. I never thought I would join the military and guess what God told me to join. You will need to seek Jesus for the answer. People always told me that and i was furstrated because I would pray but i never got an answer back. Now i am learning how to discern his voice. It in a working progress but i know i will get there. You just got to spend time seeking Jesus in prayer. If you seek you will find. we just got to keep seeking. I am very interested in your story.

  18. Joshua Daniel - February 29, 2012

    Hello my name is joshua, an I have been casting out demons a long time in my sleep, an I can feel them when I walk by people, places, an things, I dont necessarally see them, but I sense them, an I can tell, I have had a series of dreams that I dont understand, for several years now, I have been serounded by demons, and devils, its so dark, but I have a double edged sword, an I am casting them to hell an battleing them with the sword saving people I know sometimes an people I dont others I am always in constant battle, an there is no rest, with words I cast them down an the stronger ones I destroy with the sword, I am veild in white almost glowing, this is a contstant dream, each time its more an more so many at once, It seems overwhelming at times but in my dream I prey an I am strengthened what do you make of this….

  19. @Michael Garza

    I know you are looking for answers, you’re not the only one. I also too have been looking for answers. But what I think is the answer is trust the Lord for he is preparing us for the given day that we will be needed. You might not know your purpose yet but you will be shown in time. All you need is patience which can be hard but in due time you will find out. That’s what has been happening to me, once you find out everything that has happened to you it will slowly make sence. I suggest to just keep your faith in the Lord and keep following him ( ask guidance too) with readying the bible, praying,etc. You may not be a saint but we are given special tasks, tasks that only we can undestand and that we will be able to do. We may have sinned but we are all sinners and as long as you reedem yourself, it all depends on were we are destined to go. I hope my answer helps a lot of you people.

  20. Alex - March 2, 2012

    I am a drummer at church 36 years old with a new born miracle baby that sience said we could not have kids. Praying one time God gave me the name “Tobias” Toby. I searched and it means God is good. So by faith i knew we were going to have a boy miraculously. He is one moth old now.  I am from  Buenos Aires Argentina! This is a 
    Great site, I was looking for a site that dealt with babies being possesed or harrased by demons since we my newborn is having problems while sleeping and me and my wife found out one of the toys had some sort of spell or something. It was a big colorful worm. My wife sensed something evil about it. It was as if it was laughing at her she rebuked it in Jesus name meanwhile Im having this wild dream that im rebuking the baby since it was moving and jurking like crazy and more and more as i named the blood of jesus in the dream. We threw away that toy. Since It had appeared on our bed by itself in one ocation. Then praying the lord showed me: what is in hell??? I remembered, the fire and the never dying worms! Wow!  So anyways I had many many many dreams in the past of rebuking demons in my dreams, even a women showed up  at church one time i had never seen her in my life BUT had rebuked her in a dream she was a witch of some sort, When i saw her enter the church and walk down the isle  all the hair in my neck was standing wow!!!! and now looking on google for “demons influence on babies” I came across this site, its like God lead me here. I am thankful and praise the Lord this is a confirmation that i have to prepare and equip myself.  Please give me some insight. God bless you, from the land of Tango! 

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