What Does it Mean to Cast Demons out of People in Dreams?

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What does it mean to cast demons out of people in dreams?  This is a very common question, so if you were looking for information on what is the casting out demons dream meaning, you’ve come to the right place.

You might have also wondered: What is the meaning of expelling demons in a dream?  Why am I casting evil spirits out of people in dreams?

Since these are very common questions, you now know that many people are having the same types of dreams you are about expelling evil spirits.  You’re not alone or weird, and nothing is wrong with you!

It Means You Have Been Chosen by God for a Special Job – Expelling Demons

If you have had dreams in which you were casting out demons or spirits, it’s important to know that you’ve been chosen by God for a very special job.  Casting out demons is something that every Christian is charged to do:

17 “And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;

18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

-Mark 16:17-18, NIV

While every follower of Jesus is given this job and this power over Satan and his demons, much of the Christian church today has stopped teaching about it.  Many people do not know what deliverance is, how to cast out demons, or even that it is our responsibility to expel demons in Jesus’ name!

Because you likely won’t hear about this in your Sunday sermon at church, God is calling people all over the world to this responsibility through prophetic dreams.  Yes, the dreams you’ve been having about casting out demons are prophetic: God is showing you what you are capable of doing with His power and what you will soon be doing for His glory.

So the first meaning of dreams about casting out demons is to alert you to your Godly calling.  But that’s not all.

It Means You Have Started Your Training – The First Ones Will Seem Like Dreams

Battling demons in your sleep may seem like a dream because you are asleep and things are happening.  However, it is most likely that your first demonic encounters will be while you are sleeping.  These dreams that you are having are real, the fights are real, and the power God gives you during them is real.

You are learning to cast out demons in a dream situation where the Holy Spirit controls how difficult the encounter is and how long it lasts.  Casting out demons is physically and emotionally taxing and can leave you exhausted, even after a full night of sleep.

In my experience, the dream training for casting out demons in dreams starts out with relatively easy demons that leave quickly, then progresses as you get stronger to tougher demon fights that take longer.

The situation in your early dreams will likely seem like a dream: it will take place somewhere else and have other people around you in the scenario.

God will not give you harder dreams for casting out demons that what you can handle.  He usually will give you a few nights in between dreams so you can rest and recover to get back your strength for the next fight.

If you are especially tired, make sure you pray before you go to sleep and ask God to please let you skip tonight in order to get more rest.  He listens – I know because I have done this in my own experience!

It Means You’ll Move Onto the Next Step – Casting Out Demons While You Sleep but are Not Dreaming

The next part of this progression, in my experience, is that your dreams of expelling demons will change.  When you are ready, you’ll be casting out demons while you are asleep but NOT DREAMING.  What does this mean?

It means you will probably be sleeping, lying in your bed, with your husband or wife lying next to you, having words with a demon for possibly hours in your OWN BEDROOM.  This is not a dream- it is real, even though you are asleep.

Demons can do a role reversal, which can be really scary or upsetting the first time it happens to you.  In a role reversal, you will see yourself and your spouse lying in your bed and you may even see yourself talking.  You are seeing yourself through the demon’s eyes, and it may even be making its own words come out of your mouth.  It has gone into you, and you into it.

The reversal will usually end as soon as you realize what is happening.  Usually, it will startle you so much that it will end and you will sit up in bed.

If you realize the demon has reversed roles with you and it doesn’t stop, take action right away.  If this happens to you, it’s important to realize it and begin to speak about Jesus firmly.  Be stern with the demon and bind it immediately (say, “I bind you in heaven as on the Earth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”), then command it to leave you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It Means You’ll Start Seeing Demons While You are Awake – Be Ready to Fight Them

This dream training for casting out demons is not for nothing.  God will grant you discernment if you pray for His help, allowing you to see demons in your everyday life and know when people are not acting under their own control.

You should be thankful and pray to the Lord, thanking Him for this gift right now!  You are being trained to go forth and do Jesus’s work of expelling evil spirits and preaching about the coming salvation!

  1. Isabelle - November 18, 2011

    I had this dream i think a few weeks back . by the way i am 11 so yeah 🙂 I had this dream , i was wearing my school uniform and my friends and i were in this airplane probably going somewhere out of Singapore . Then i saw this guy , i couldn’t see his face , he was pretty short and was also wearing this long sleeved light blue dress thing . He was making like low and grumbling noises and i just felt a presence so i went up to him took him by the shoulders , but what i realized was that his hands were actually not flesh but just a skeleton and there was some voodoo bands and bracelets he was wearing .Anyways , when i wanted to say my prayer , specifically the word “Jesus” i was like choking but not choking i just couldn’t get the words out of my mouth . It scared me a lot but what does this mean ?

  2. spirit-led - November 22, 2011

    I have been having these dreams since I was young, my first dream was when I was 8 and I dreamt I meet Satan and he explained how I belong to him and I vividly remember waking up screaming because I didn’t want to go with him. The next dream I remember was the day before I got baptized at the age of 16, I am 30 now,and it was my first encounter with a demon who tried to choke me, taking form though the bed sheets, it was as if I was awake I rebuked it “In the name of Jesus!” Since then I occasionally have dreams of casting demons out of room, or places, but last night I fasted one out of a girl. There were three other girls sitting in each corner of the bed, just talking when all of the sudden one had a demon and I grabbed her n sealed my arms around her and started to pray, usually my jaw starts to lock but I was screaming n rebuking it in the name of Jesus and then I woke up still praying loudly. I had never woken up able to hear myself still. A few weeks ago my husband told me he dreamt I had taken a demon out of him. I have always had a strong faith in my God and always pray he reveals my talents and gifts to be used but I pray that God is my strenghth and voice! May Gods holy spirit always dweal with in us!

  3. I have been having a series of dreams about a little girl demonically possessed, and being attacked by wave after wave of people also possessed. I struggle to fight them, but I wake up when I see just ranks of them in front of me. What could this mean?

  4. I’ve had dreams like this since I was very little
    I’m now 20 very close relationship with God mom
    Was a ministry leader in our church for years
    Recently passed away from cancer and it seems
    Like these dreams keep getting stronger since she’s
    Gone out of the house anyways I had a dream last
    Night I was seeking wisdom from a godly man
    I asked him what he knew of the Jezebel spirit and
    A small man with a black cloak walked in the room
    And I all of a sudden lost my voice he then said
    In a strange voice Welcoming God I was screaming
    And rebuking him but he wouldn’t leave and again he said it
    Welcomin God I ran up stairs to get my dad my dad was gone and he said it one last tome Welcoming God
    And I woke up in a sweat what does this mean I have no idea

  5. what a God blessed website. i was having the same question(CASTING OUT DEMONS IN DREAMS) for so many years long .when I rem all my dreams of dealing with demons they all seem to be similar.in my 4 or 5 dreams i dont know who the demon possessed are ,but when I came to the place where they are the demon(by sensing my comming) start to get kneel down or start to cry out and i then command them in the name of Jesus and they left easly. i was admired why these dreams are coming.but now I found my questions are answered through this site. May God bless you.

  6. Candice - December 4, 2011

    This site has made me realize a lot of different things. I have never been too into my faith, but I believe in God and pray I would say 2 or 3 times a week. I am 22 and am learning a lot about my gift, but my family as well. My mom has always been having dreams that reveal demons and evil spirits and has been for as long as I can remember. I didn’t think it was anything special, I actually thought she must have been making it up. But over the past 3-4 years I have been having dreams with demons and spirits which have been gettting progressively worse over time. It started when my aunt started “getting attacked” when she slept, and her 5yr old son was getting “possessed and taken over”. I had no idea what was honestly going on but I knew I could feel the evil attached to them. I would have dreams when I slept over there, of evil spirits and she said sometimes I would talk in my sleep about evil. One day her boyfriend at the time said I had started telling him to get away from them that I don’t like him and he didn’t belong here. But I was asleep, I don’t remember saying those things and I never had a problem with him, I did like him and would never say awful things like that. I Didn’t understand it and I was scared of it so I began praying that God would take away these feelings, I didn’t want to be like my mother, I didn’t want to feel the evil, see it or have anything to do with it. Out of fear I withdrew from my aunt and cousins, stayed away from their house and basically had as little contact as possible. It was hard because I had been so close to them, I visited them almost everyday before and she had been like my best friend. But I let the fear control my actions. 2 years ago I ended up moving a state away, just 2 hours drive from my family, but for unrelated reasons. However my mother always updated me of the ongoings of the obvious evil that is after my aunt and cousin. My aunt who used to care, gave up and to everyone has no concern for anything going on with her son, she goes about her life as if it were normal. Around the same time I moved away I started having nightmares again with demons and evil spirits but its always surrounding her and her son, sometimes attacking me and my family. But I usually am able to get rid of them and even though it scares me, I feel strongly about my capability to rebuke them. I have never felt weak or unsure about being able to banish them. I wake up scared but as soon as I start praying I feel calmer and happier like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    I am sorry to give such a long back story but I felt I just needed to share this experience because last night i had one of the worst nightmares surrounding my aunt and cousin. At this point I have cut all contact with them, because she has become so, I want to say evil, and detached from reality, the whole family has basically had to cut contact with her as well because she won’t listen or let anyone help her. Her son has even been diagnosed as slightly autistic and bipolar but she won’t get him help and my mother doesn’t really believe he is mentally ill, she believes he needs to be saved. My aunt is even in an abusive relationship, and her bf threatened to kill my little brother and she defended him. I don’t know if that had to do with the evil around her or just her emotional attachments but I mention it because I don’t believe it is her anymore. In my dream now, there were multiple demons, and I had a voice, I assume now it was the holy spirit, guiding me telling what to do to get rid of them. They were causing my cousin to go crazy and attack me, he tried stabbing me and the spirits were provoking him and controlling him. I would give it everything I had to get rid of them but he kept taking my focus away. I was able to get rid of two out of 3 but the holy spirit kept telling me that there were more even though I couldn’t see them. Most of them were consumed into 1 very large, very dark and evil spirit. I started gettting angry that I couldn’t finish because even though there were other people around I was the only one who could see them. So I started yelling at my aunt to help gain control but she was cold, heartless, and didn’t care. To bring my dream to a strange and quick end, a spider fell on her. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. She got scared and started screaming and no sooner than I can realize how evil she had become, she threw the spider on me. It made me scream in fear so bad that I woke up screaming and scared my fiance awake as well. I had so many different emotions fill me. Scared, embarrased, anxious, I even felt like I was being watched. I was shaking and no matter how hard I tried to pray I couldn’t remember my prayers. It came to the point where I was just speaking to God. And making up the prayers as I went to calm me down. I started thinking, why? Why give me this gift? I don’t want it. I don’t want to have these nightmares I don’t want to associate with and feel the evil presences around me. But no matter how much I say I don’t want this gift I can feel it, inside, that I was meant to do something with it. Once I calmed down, I told my mother about it, she told me to keep praying. I also started my search online to find out if there was another meaning to my dreams. I am so happy that I did, because I found this site, and after reading about how so many people have this gift, I feel so much better about it. I don’t feel alone or afraid because I realize the meaning of it all now. Thank you to everyone on this site because I can accept my gift and move forward, and hopefully find a way to save my family.

    Again, I’m sorry I had so much to write, I just needed to share this with you all.

  7. I had my first deem on Monday. All my family was in it. I was rebuked the devil. He kept changing his self. He would ce into me for few sec. I could feel him I’mu dram. I would rebuke him and pray to god. The more I prayed the angrier he got. I awoke myself hearing me talking like the devil, I rebuke you Woke up and thought how strange of a dream. He wouldake my daughter keep walking non stop from room to room. He through mg son on the floor. Headey husband feel like he was losin his mind. All this iny dream but the feeli
    Fs were so real.

  8. Rochelle - December 10, 2011

    I have a friend that I have known for 1 year. We met and immediately knew we were suppose to be friends. We both have the same Christian beliefs and go to the same church. She is able to open up to me and vice versa. She has told me that she has been having these dreams about a demon for 5 years. (different dream every time but always the same demon and once it was satan himself in her dream.) She is planning on contacting you herself so I will let her tell you her story, but I am contacting you because lately in her dreams I have been present in rebuking the demons. I don’t have these dreams myself but I have never doubted her faith or any of her stories. We both have goals in life to serve God further, her, she is starting Christian psychology and I am going to go to school for dentistry and we eventually want to travel the world as a wittness. I guess my question is am I apart of her fight in rebuking demons? I have already accepted that I might, I go to her house in the middle of the night when she has the terrifying experiences (dreams) and we read Psalms 91 aloud and we say deliverance prayers aloud and we have blessed every room in her house with annointing oil. We both get a very angry feeling overwhelm us everytime we say these prayers or read the bible outloud. But we know that we can fight off the devil with scripture just like Jesus did when he was in the desert for 40 days

  9. Terrica - December 11, 2011

    Im thankful i found this site, last night i had a dream thst i was fighting and evil spirit within me and the only way he left i called on the name of Jesus but we fought for a long time but when he did live i felt a heavyness lifted off of me. This is my first time having an demoic dream but i have had alot of dreams laying hands on people and some are dead. Im been praying and asking the Lord to show me what im i hear to furfill on this earth. Could someone help me.

  10. I too have a question…
    I had a dream of me and some group of guys playing football. Someone got hurt and fell to the ground. I didnt even know this person, but i felt sympathy for him. So i got down on my knees and started to pray for him. As i was praying, i started to speak tongues! as I was praying in tongues I was half asleep and half awake, my body (I was aware of my surroundings, my sister was getting ready for work- i could hear her in the other room). As I was praying, i woke up in shock.. it was my first time speaking tongues..
    what does this mean?

  11. granville - December 15, 2011

    Well I’ve read a few of the comments and I’m not sure if my situation is the same for example I usually have dreams of fighting as in fist fights,demons it usually starts with the demon pulling on my legs then I get up and fight as hard as I can with it untill it runs out of the house then i sleep without waking or disturbances but what bothers me is sometimes when I have dreams of fighting them I sort of notice how the other people in the house are sleeping the way they are turned and sometimes way their clothes are for example if a person while turning during the night got his vest pulled up so when I wake up everything looks exactly the way it looked in my dream everyones in the same posistion an clothes the same then one night I had a dream I was sitting in the bedroom talking to my girlfrieds brother exchanging nightmares I told one of mine and then he said to me that’s nothing you shouldve seen the demon that used to stay in the old shack in the back of the yard right that instant my daughter (3years old) came to me scared and said she’s scared of the spook she pointed to a dark corner of the room and I went and threw a few punches there not seeing what I’m hitting at and I felt it running to the next corner so I chased it from corner to corner untill it ran to the kitchen when I got ther I now saw that the demon was ready to fight back so I hit first then it grabbed my arm and leg but luckly I could reach for the light with my other hand so I switched on and it ran into the living room where it was completly dark then I noticed my gfs mother at the stove cooking and in the dream she told me the thing I need is in the top shelf of her cubbord so just when I went to get it I woke up I told her about the dream the next day and asked what it was she kept in the top shelf and then she showed me the only thing on the top shelf was her bible

  12. Hello Rev. Danelle,
    The dream I had last night has prompted me to seek guidance. This dream has been one of four dreams involving my need to pray at people in it and/or experiencing a weird radiating bodily sensation while asleep around things I dubbed “evil” in my dream. My first automatic burst of prayer against two entities in my dream (which I have never done before) was a while back. I could see myself lying in bed while one person was tugging at my upper body and another was tugging at my feet. I felt disturbed and began to say several Hail Mary’s and the entities resided. This was a powerful experience for me because the prayer worked and I thought about doing it out of nowhere.
    The second dream I recall did not involve prayer or people but an eerie room. Every time I approached the opening of this particular room a weird radiating sensation would overcome my body. It happened several times and I concluded that something evil was lurking inside. When I awoke, I remained confused as to why I would feel this sensation I had never felt before in my life. In the dream, the sensation would go away as soon as I walked away from the room and it would grow stronger the closer I got to it.
    The third dream involved prayer and two women. The daughter sought help and I approached her mother who seemed to be possessed but somehow I knew she was a spirit (dead in my mind). I began to recite the Our Father prayer and when I finished the daughter made it seem like it was not going to help because they were “both” dead. I remember distancing myself from them, feeling they may try to harm me.
    Finally, last night and a few weeks after the third dream, I felt the need to pray in the dream and this time the bodily sensation overcame me as well.
    In the dream I was in an apartment and someone called on me to tell me that the next room had something odd in it. When I went into the room a woman of medium stature with short blond hair turned around and looked right at me. As she approached me with a wicked gaze I recited The Our Father prayer but the closer she got, the more I felt that bodily sensation. This time the prayer did not work and she got closer to me. The body sensation and her getting closer startled me and I woke up. I didn’t even feel sleepy after waking. I was wide awake. My husband and cat, both of them in bed with me, were fast asleep, and so I believe this woman might have only been around in my dream and not actually in the room. I felt the entities in the first dream in the room.
    The dream last night really startled me. And it seems I have taken up praying subconsciously in dreams as a means of protection and to help others. However, neither the Hail Mary nor the Our Father prayer stopped this woman from approaching me and that bodily sensation was really disturbing as she walked closer to me.
    I’m going to start reading the Bible tonight, but can you offer me an explanation and maybe a suitable prayer for these stubborn people in my dreams?

    Thank you for your attention.

  13. Danny C - December 26, 2011

    I have been having some weird dreams for a few months now. It happens for like once a month or so. I pray everynight before I sleep. I also wear a blessed St. Benedict medal every night before I sleep. The medal is used to ward off evil spirits and nightmares.

    But I still feel like I am having nightmares. At times I feel like I am being possessed. It is not easy to describe. Just this morning, while I was sleeping I felt a slight waking up and my muscles tightening up and my eyes rolling back. I can see the top of my bed (I have a mosquito net) and I can see my surroundings. I felt my hands pushing me up to a seating position to a 45 degree angle to the bed. I also felt as if some evil was trying to pull my mind away (at times I feel like a restraining act that the evil – I do not want to say demon because I do not know what it is, but it just felt like a dark force- is doing). It felt like a struggle between the evil force and myself. But ONE thing that is always on my mind, and that is GOD. I ALWAYS seem to resort to God when a dream like this happens. I feel myslef asking for God’s assistnace to cast out the evil force. I even feel my hands coming together and clasping together as I pray for God’s assistance. I feel like God is on my side helping me expel this evil force. I feel like we are just grabbing this evil force and throwing it away. But I feel like being drained out while doing this because I feel like I needed to put quite an amount of strength to do so.

    On one occasion, I felt like a crowd of people just rushing unto me and surrounding me and pulling me each and every way. But they felt like they are pulling a part of my mind away. Each and every one of them tugging away my mind. And again, all that I can think of is God. I felt my hands jus clasp together automatically and start praying for God’s help. It was a struggle at first but I eventually got through with God’s help.

    On another occasion, I felt like I was levitating off my bed! I felt my muscles tightnening up. And my legs straightenging up. I felt I was above my bed. I felt my mouth open as wide as it could. My muscles contract and tighten and control my every movement. I felt my eyes open. But I was only able to see what was in front of me for I was not able to move my neck. I felt like I was closer to the top of my bed (mosquito net). Again, I felt like I was fighting an evil force. And again I asked God for assistance. I feel like asking God for assistance became automatic. And my belief that the only way out of this, is only by God. I felt like nothing else could of helped me. Only God was the only and ideal solution.

    I do believe that I have a sort of a sleep paralysis. Please explain to me what is really happening.

  14. i keep having these dreams about casting out demons in jesus name they keep getting harder to cast out . also keep having dreams that im floating and flying once god told me in this dream that i was in danger the next night i floated again then could not get back in easily another time i was floating and jesus carried me i could not see him but new it was him he carried me for a while .another time he took me to show me something it was another church but i did not uderstand.has anyone had this happen before

  15. I had. A dream last night of many hind. I can’t remeber them all. The one that sticks out more was I was at a house… I think one time it wamine andth othr time a friends. And. At mine I was sleeping while my son in the next room was sleeping and I was being spoken to by spirits or ghost in my dream while I was a sleep in my dream and it was horrible! They were whispering creepy stuff in my ears but I can’t remember what they said but I remember I coulnt wake up and go to my son and all I wantewas to know that my son was ok the entire time. When Ifinally woke up I said a prate but I still feel exhuasted and to be hones terrified that it wasn’t a dream! I feel like something bad is gonna happen… but I don’t know why. Maybe im till in this nightmare an can’t shake it off! Please pray for me and my. FAmily to be safe! It was a HORRIBLE DREAM!

  16. augusta - December 28, 2011

    hello, i just had my first demon dream and i believe in the paranormal.i am only 13 and my friend and dad were in my dream. i had taken the demon from my friend and then it started haunting me i then got rid of it. but then i brought it back because i thought that it was justing sitting somewhere almost hiding and would come back soon enough.so i brough it back and i looked for my dad to help me get rid of it like the first time but i could not find him.then i woke up because i heard my parents talking in the other room

  17. karim - January 1, 2012

    Hi my name is Karim, last night I had a dream where a man was acting extremely strange in a restaurant. This heavy set man was eating a large amount of food ravenously. For some reason I approached him and I felt disgusted and enraged the closer I got to the man. I called him ” hell demon” and began to cast him back to where he came. The mans eyes turned black he smiled at me and I woke up. Ive had dozens of dreams where I said and did similar things. It scared me so much I woke up immediately. I had a throbbing headache a dry throat and I still feel tired. I googled dreams of casting out demons and my search led me to this site. I don’t know what exactly is going on with me. I’m a born again Christian, and also a recovering alcoholic. I got saved about six years ago and I do not faithfully pray or go to church, even though I know I have to.

  18. Rashad - January 4, 2012

    Hey Danielle,
    I’m back again… I had a dream tonight that are world was in a great deal of chaos and I had the heart of shepherd caring and tending to many… Even that of George H W Bush! In addition, I was casting out demons.

    There were three instances in the dream that I cast them out. The second and the third was all I remember. The second demon that I casted was out of friend from high school. I haven’t seen him in years. He was one of the people I was taking care of (I was take of these people in my house and there were many!!). Anyways, when I went into the room he was staying in, I sat down on the bed next to him and began to talk to him. He was constantly moving while I was talking to him. And then somehow it clicked that he had a demon and he had been on drugs. So for some reason I grabbed and squeezed his leg or arm and was commanding the demons to come out in the name of Jesus. I felt the demons coming out of him. They came out through his mouth. But then I felt one enter me. And I just kept on renouncing it and praising Jesus while looking to the sky. Meanwhile, my friend’s facial demeanor had changed and he sat up the bed and now wanted to preach the gospel! I remember as I saw him get up, I was quoting some proverbs to him. Like “knowledge and wisdom are more precious than gold and silver.” I then saw him talking to two people. I perceive they were sharing more about Jesus to him.

    The third incident,I don’t recognize the setting, I just know that I was outside. There were two females. Somehow I knew one of them was mocking Jesus and she had a lust issue. So I walked up to her (I can’t remember the words I said to her) But I looked at her in her eyes and I could see the demon manifesting itself in her face. I told the demon, “You know who I am” and it got angrier and more violent. And it preceded to get up to attack me. I bound the demon and told it to sit back down twice under the power of God and the name of Jesus and it obeyed. Then all of the sudden I felt the dream slipping away and I woke up… It was exactly 3:30 AM…

    The crazy thing was I was having a hard time going to sleep tonight as well. Danielle, what is your take on this?


  19. Hi, i have had dreams and visions since i was only 5 years old. I am now 26 and married and have two boys. A few years back it got so bad that every night i go to sleep i dream about casting out demons and was exhausted the following day.I did not know what these dreams meant until i just read about it on your site. My dreams were getting more and more intense until one day i dreamt my grandmother was standing in front of me with the most powerfull demon i have ever come across. it went in me and I woke up terrified. I fell to the ground and asked God to please stop the dream and i can’t do it any more. It was getting too much for me and i felt extremely exhausted the whole time. The dreams went away. If this is from God and he has a calling for my life to do this, I will. I will give up anything and do it all over again. I was just never sure why this was happening. Please pray for me so that God can forgive me that i threw his gift back at Him. I will obey Him. I had another dream again last night of demons. In the dream my husband and myself was travveling in a boat, plain and then train and everytime we look in the mirror we saw the most horrific deamons inside us. His demon was grean and mine looked like death with no teath and very foul smell. Any case…i would love to start helping other people. thank you for taking the time to read this.

  20. Luna Goddess - January 6, 2012

    Good Morning,

    Your website is quit helpful and accurate. Reading your article made me feel as though a cold shiver took over my body. All my life I have been battling with Demons, seeing their work, talking to them, and in my dreams I vanquish them.
    Strange thing is that growing up I was Christian and this still occurred when my Father from the church had told me that I am SAFE for I have the Almighty on my side. However, that was not true. Since then I have been attempting to find my true place in this Universe.
    I am now a Wiccan and yet the activity of Demons in my life have not deceased. At this point I have accepted the fact that I have a 6th sense to the Supernatural. But I have come to find that they do not fear the name of Jesus, but that of his Father.
    However reading your article made me feel more at ease about my position in which I continue to seek information about.
    Thanks so much.

  21. Christian F. - January 7, 2012

    Hi my name is Christian, you dont know how happy I am that i found this sight. I have been experiencing these battles since I was about 22-23 years old and now at 28, everything is really coming into full circle. In my dreams, I’ve never felt threatened or in danger, I have always been the aggressor in my dreams. Each time i dream about about casting demons, either the demon is upset and scared that its me coming to cast them out or in the process of me casting them out, an overwhelmingly bright light comes into the room and I wake up. This event has happened on 2 occasions, every other occasion, I just walk into a home and cast out a demon from someone or a malevalent spirit from a home with zero resistance. And it seems the more I have these dreams, the more powerful I am in these dreams. Im a Catholic, I was pretty much born and raised in that religion but I make occasional visits to church, I always thought these types of dreams only happened to those who were devout to their religion. Before I forget, in my dreams I am also capable of reciting the prayer used in excorcisms in english, spanish and latin. First off, I dont even know how that prayer looks like or where to find it and how it starts, second, im fluent in spanish but I never sopke nor have I studied Latin in my life so where would that come from. I have so many questions that I need answers to, this is a little overwhelming for me because I always thought I was either eating too much heavy foods at night or I was losing my mind. Thanks for your time Danielle and thanks for putting up this site, I feel alot better knowing whats really going on with me, but why did God choose me? or anyone else that has had these seem dreams?

  22. Hello.
    I will start of by saying, I never really believed in God, but at the same time, I knew there was something out there keeping an eye on me, but then again, I was doubting that. (If that confused you, well then you’ve put yourself in my shoes)
    Well, you see, I somehow wanted to make my own GOD, and Religion, and I was praying from now and then, till one night, I dreamed the devil.
    I was in a room, it was pitch black, and I could see, was a table in front of me, with a contract on it. (I’m also an MC/Rapper) In many rap songs, you’ll hear about contracts and how one has sold his soul to the devil to get famous, as most labels are corrupted. Anyways, so I was in a pitch black room, and in front of me there was a contract, I can’t remember if I signed it or not, but I do know that I screamed at the top of my lungs ”NOOOO” and then the devil wasn’t really that happy with it, he screamed, but it was like…I don’t even have words to describe that scream, it was so devilish, and so unheard of.
    As he was screaming, I was like being pulled away by someone or something, as the contract was being obscured by the darkness in the room, the moment the contract wasn’t visible anymore, I woke up screaming, but at the same time, I was still able to hear the devil screaming for a brief moment.

    1) Am I gifted to cast demons?
    2) Have I managed to develop a God OR is it the God you/we all pray to? (I’m not trying to offend anybody, but please understand that I’m confused more than ever)
    3) What should I do?

    -I’m looking forward to a response from you.

  23. can someone please help me!! im 15 years old and i have been battling these demons for 2 years now…in these last 2 years ive had countless encounters with demons in my dreams too many to count..one dream i had i was in the desert and my mom was with me and she started to say…you should join us your brothers an atheist too now(which i believe now the demon was trying to trick me by speaking in my mothers body)
    so i replied by saying i love jesus christ hes my lord and savior hes who gives me life.

    Sure enough as soon as i say that i start to hear angry voices building up loud and i knew right away it was another demon dream…so i started running with my mom and i turned around too see many spirits coming at me…so i started praying and jesus appeared by my side and gave me this cross…i pointed it straight at the demons who were coming and one by one they would disappear….jesus then saved me because i woke up right away…this is just 1 of the dreams…IVE HAD NEARLY A HUNDRED DREAMS WHERE JESUS COMES AND SAVES ME…please someone anyone give me advice they stopped for some months but are now coming back again!!!!

  24. many dreams have included where im being held down by my feet while being whispered in the ear of a language i do not understand…just like you said the vice versa switch has happened too me… ill be in my bed watching myself from above then i get lifted in the air and im thrown off my bed and into my closet…ive battled many tough demons even ones that dont go away as soon as i start praying…i dont know what to do anymore im sometimes scared too sleep even though i know jesus is with me at all times i still dont like confronting them because they terrify me…another dream i had was…it started off as me in my bed like usual then it started to shake violently and i heard loud whispering throughout the room i then decided i would go into my grandmas room which is across the hallway…when i got out of my room into the hallway i could see the demons behind me in some sort of white light which i now believe was there portal..they started trying to pull me in there direction but i fought hard enough to make it into my grandmas room as soon as i did i prayed immediatley telling the demons to leave and then jesus came and woke me up…

  25. george - January 14, 2012

    Hi my name is George, I really don’t know how to say what I need to say but here goes…
    until the age of twelve I grew up in my home country (El Salvador) during my years growing up there I was under heavy attack by demons. All mostly in my dreams, I was able to see them sometimes during the day. The reason is not unknown to me; my family including my mom would practice witchcraft. My grandmother died before I could ever meet her and most of my family didn’t like us. I really don’t know how far back this goes but I know that my grandmother was a powerful women and my mother as well. My dreams since I was a child have always been full of darkness and snakes. My dreams would give chills to even grown people. In my dreams I’ve fought against snakes but never been bitten, I’ve fought against demons and haven’t lost. I’ve fought against lions and have tamed them. One of my dreams in particular had me thinking for a long time. I was fighting a lion and slowly it started to turn into me, and I broke its jaw and the lion was hurt and asking for mercy. I didn’t kill the lion because I felt love for it. Instead I placed into a cage and locked him in. this is just one of many dreams…
    Recently I had a dream where I was in a coliseum like in the time of the gladiators and I was in the center circle with many other Christians praying. The circles surrounding us little by little began to disperse leaving just the circles where I was with less than five of us. I tried to look at the others that had left but a big guy next to me turned my head and didn’t let me look at them. Somehow I knew he was the leader…from there I don’t remember much other than just praying with them. My dream than continuous with me running into a room where a girl under the possession of a demon was lying on the bed, and I began to pray and fight against the demon. I placed my hand on her forehead and started to rebuke the spirit telling it to leave. I don’t remember much after that but straggly enough a week or more before this dream I was at home with my wife laying in bed not being able to sleep. For some reason I had woken up an hour before and was just wondering why I couldn’t sleep. My wife than began to scream, but I somehow knew it was not her so I did the same thing I did in the dream and placed my hand on her forehead and started to pray. Slowly she started to wake up and for a few seconds she didn’t know where she was. She told me she was dreaming that she was in jail and in her cell there was a bunk bed with three beds. She wanted to go to the top but something told her that it was already being used. So she laid on the bottom one, as she was falling asleep something started to crawl on her legs and made its way to her back where she felt a pain like a knife being jammed into her side. That’s she said is where I woke her.
    I have a lot of dreams that I can’t remember for some reason. I’ve just recently came back to the lord and my nightmares have stopped. Just today I had a dream where I was fighting another demon, some one that looked exactly like me but in cartoon form. We both had the same powers and looked exactly alike when transformed but he was the opposite color of me when transformed and much darker. I won the fight. Than I started to dream again this time it was a different dream…
    I’m not scared of these demons in my dreams or when I see them. Instead of being afraid of them I want to fight them. I feel a rush and want to fight them head on but I don’t know much about this. I’ve had a lot of dreams of the end of the world as well but that’s another subject. Maybe some one can help me understand these dreams. All I want to do is help others remove them from inside them because they made my life a torment. I would really appreciate your help if you can give me any.

  26. Marshal - January 16, 2012

    Wow! I’m so amazed that I found this site! I can’t believe so many people have been experiencing something so specific as demon encounters in dreams/visions/reality, etc. So my first demon encounter was when I was very young, probably inbetween 7-9 years old. I used to lie in bed awake at night and was extremely afraid of the dark when I was younger. One particular night, I actually was sleeping peacefully, when I all of a sudden was awaken by the slightest presence in my room. I’m pretty sure I felt a slight tap on my shoulder as I was sleeping that ended up waking me up. Anyways, so I turned my head to see what was there, and I saw a half man, half goat looking creature standing right at the foot of my bed. He was super buff, and had no shirt on or anything, and from his waist down was covered in animal fur. He even had hooves and I believe a tail as well. I was so frozen with fear that I literally felt paralyzed in my bed. The whole time this demon was standing there, it had the most sinister, evil looking grin on its face and it just kept smiling at me, and huffing and puffing. Finally, I remembered my Mom told me that if I ever saw a ghost or a demon, that all I had to say was, “The blood of Jesus is against you!,” and that it would flee, since it says in the Word of God that demons tremble at His name. Once this entered my mind, I no longer felt paralyzed and afraid, but this intense rush of power and a KNOWING filled ever fiber of my being.

    I looked that demon dead in his eyes and said, “THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU!” Immediately that sinister grin on his face turned into a face that was so utterly terrified that it is hard to put into words. He immediately turned away from me and ran as fast as he could down the hallway towards my bathroom. He lept into the air and vanished. I believe I heard a slight scream as he was running away from me. I also noticed this weird dark blue, sparkly light trail that he left behind him as he ran away. After that, I fell asleep in perfect peace. This experience was SO intense, more than anything I’ve ever experienced, because I was actually awake and saw this all with my own eyes. I could see everything in my room and house.

    Ever since then, I’ve never been the same, because the Lord in His awesome grace, literally showed me the power that we have over the demonic realm through His Name and His Blood! I feel like I can sense very quickly the kind of spirit (godly and demonic) that people are of when I meet them and get to know them. I am saved, born again, Holy Spirit filled, and I have spoke in tongues for years (I’m now 26).

    I’ve also had several dreams of casting demons out of people. The most recent one I had was a few days ago. In the dream, a man was trying to kill me and shoot me with his gun, and immediately I started rebuking him and Satan in the name of Jesus. At first the man got more and more angry with what I was doing, but then the demon inside of him started caving in and getting weak and fearful of being cast out. Finally, after continuously rebuking and commanding this demon to flee in the name of Jesus, it finally left the man that was trying to kill me. I could feel so strongly the weight that was lifted off of this man, and I could feel the air around me was lighter. It was so intense that the man that was trying to kill me started crying, and I was crying right along with him. We hugged, then the cops came to take him to jail. I told him that once he got to jail, a Christian would come and lead him in a prayer to get saved. It was an awesome dream! I also frequently have dreams of people chasing me and trying to kill me and I have no idea why. What are your thoughts on everything, Danelle? Thank you so much for your time, as I know I’ve written a lot here! Your site is exactly what I’ve been searching for, and to see what you said about having dreams about casting demons out of people means that I have been chosen by God for this specific assignment is the answer to my prayers, because I’ve been crying out to Him for sooo long for Him to reveal the destiny He has for my life. Thank you so much again for this site and your reply!

  27. Ida Johnson - January 17, 2012

    Not only was I dreaming but there has been physical straining. The first time this happened I was scared. I was sleeping and I thought I heard a knock at my door. I tried to say call out and answer the door and i couldn’t. I tried to call out again and i couldn’t my voice was gone and I was straining to scream. My roommate told me that she heard that it’s called a demon “riding my back”. I didn’t think too much of it but it did scare me bcuz of the physical part. it didn’t happen again for months. inbetween the months I had dreams of demons. I saw 3 demons in my dreams in a years period. The 1st one was like a black smoke or kinda like an oil spill. It had no shape but it reminded me of an oil spill. it spoke a foreign language. I have no clue wat language let alone wat it said. The second dream of the demons there was two of them. One was female and the other was male. The female was shorter. She stabbed the guy demon in the back and cut out his heart in a square shape. She screamed at him “y wont u die?” he told her “how can i die wen im already dead?” Then i woke up. But the thing that wont leave me is the guy demons eyes. well he had no eyes. There was just white spots that represented eyes. Then there was a second dream but i do not remeber it at all. the third dream was the last dream of demons i had and it happened August last year. There was the black smoke and it felt like it was taking over my body starting from my feet and it was working its way up my body. I yelled ” i rebuke u in the name of jesus!” the smoke still came. Then a man with no shirt bald head showed up and something said “say it louder” Then I yelled it again ” i rebuke u in the name of jesus!” then I woke up gasping for air trying to breathe. thats the scary part wen i wake up trying to catch my breath.

  28. stephanie - January 18, 2012

    Hi, my name is stephanie. I cant remember the first dream about demons that i had because it has been so long ago. For some reason, I am always the one posessed with a demon, and the demon can pick me up in my dream. There is a bible in every dream that I have, and i start saying the lords prayer over and over and the demon eventually goes away. I even fell asleep in my dream last night. Can someone please tell me what this means?? Thank you.

  29. I know it was God who helped me find this website. I have fought demons for many years. Through out the years I have thought that I was crazy. I have always prayed each time. I don’t know the bible as well as i should, but i also know that in certain timess he shows me versus to read. I had a dream that i was with Jesus i believe to this day it was’nt a dream. I know in my heart that there is a reason that i have been given this gift. In the past 2 years God’s been showing me things that take place in the future.

  30. Gamaliel Salen - January 22, 2012

    I am thankful to find this website. My dad just woke me up from a dream. This is my 4th or 5th time I dream of fighting evil spirits in my dream. I am from the Philippines 26 years old and sorry for my english. My first dream is I was with Jesus we are fighting a demon in my dream. The second dream is I was in our old house and I was fighting evil spirits to get out of that house and I kept on casting the evil spirits “In the name of Jesus Christ leave!” The 3rd and 4th dream I can’t recall. And the 5th dream just happened 30 minutes ago I dreamed of a dead friend which is in my dream is just imitating by an evil spirit so I keep on casting in Jesus name. While writing this letter I feel someone is coming inside me I hope you can help me with this.

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