The Holy Spirit Wrote Me God’s Revelation on 4-17-10 (Pt 1)

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My experiences in the Holy Spirit have been increasing and intensifying lately.  I keep asking God to give me wisdom and speak to me, and He keeps answering me in supernatural ways that I never would have dreamed possible.  This is the second time the Holy Spirit has written out a message from God using my hands – this time 3 pages long!

On Saturday, April 17th, I went into a quiet room by myself at the library to work on my latest book.  No sooner had I started typing out a few bullet points from a recent conversation that I had with a fellow blogger than my fingers started to type a message that was not my own.  My arms and fingers were tingling and buzzing and felt as though they were full of something, but I can’t accurately describe the feeling.

When I finally stopped typing, with my fingers still on the keyboard I prayed and asked God if there was anything else he wanted to tell me or if he had any messages for my husband.

At that moment, I felt a cool breath on the back of my neck and the backs of both arms, then instantly all the feeling went out of my arms in a backwards direction.  It felt like someone else’s arms were inside mine, then they pulled them out from behind me.

It was around 10:45am when I started. When I finished I looked at the clock and it was noon, but seemed like no time had passed at all.  3 typed pages sat in front of me on my laptop, God’s message typed out for me with the Holy Spirit’s own arms.  The contents of the Holy Spirit’s writing is below.  The message is far too long to post on 1 page, so it’s been broken up to make reading it easier.

The following are not my words; these are words dictated by me for the Lord.

A Message Written by the Holy Spirit on 4-17-10 (Part 1)

“The calling, being compelled to use new media and social media for the Lord: God has given us the availability of technology, the platform upon which to stand and be heard, the relevance to be listened to, and the influence to share his word in a way that will be heard like never before. We are CALLED to blog about him, we are COMPELLED to remind other bloggers to blog about his Word, we are CHARGED to do something important – life or death important.

We have been given a gift that we are not using properly. Have we been using our blogs and websites to peddle salad dressing or are we using this unbelievable platform to recruit for God? to save lives? to do something which will last for all eternity? to use the short time we have left to bring as many people into the lifeboats as possible before the ship of the devil’s old world sinks?

Will we listen to God’s direction? Will we let the Holy Spirit work through us and allow it to type for us at the keyboard? Will we stop censoring our writing based on what we think the public and our readers will think about it? Anything we do for the Lord is not in vain.

“So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.” ~ 1 Corinthians 15:58

We don’t have to worry about what will bring in readers or if articles will bring in traffic. We are directed to share the Godly way of life with as many people as possible: how to raise Godly children, how to keep a Godly home, how to make disciples of our friends and family, how to live life by putting God first in everything we do.”

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  1. god please can you make my little brother,Krishanth better and I beg you tomake nothig bad happens to him ever again.

  2. God can you make my little brother,Krishanth better and I beg you to make sure nothing bad happens to him.

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