The Holy Spirit Wrote Me God’s Revelation on 4-17-10 (Pt 2)

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Below is part 2 of the Holy Spirit’s writing from 4-17-10.  If you didn’t read part 1, read it first.  The following message is not my own; it was written by the Holy Spirit using me to dictate.

“Will we let ourselves be ravished by the Holy Spirit?  Will we let ourselves be used by God for the purpose he has for us? Jeremiah 29:11-13 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

You know deep down in your heart, you feel it in every inch of your body, that something has always been missing. You know you were meant to do something great, something big and important and worthwhile and lasting, and you have known it all your life. You keep waiting for someone to come to you and tell you what it is, show it to you, let you know what your calling to greatness is.

“I am here to tell you today that your calling is inside you and you have known it all along. I am the only thing you need to seek, I am the one you should work for, and I have the power to give you everything you ever wanted and to make all your work a success. I will lift you up and make them listen to you. I will make your words heard and I will bring people to you, the ones who need to hear, the ones that will listen and the ones that will not listen so that they may spread the word by their dismissal and debate of your work.

I am the Lord your God and I will share my will as I will. I am the only thing that matters. Live your life as though I am the only thing that matters. Start today. Change your life. Change your activities. Do what I command. Do as I say now and tell them. Tell them all what I have told you and spread my word. Raise it up and raise up my armies until we are so thick and so powerful and so strong that the demons are afraid. March for me so that they may know the end is coming and the time is short and the time is speeding up and now is the most important time.

They will see us coming and they will be afraid. We will build a mighty army of soldiers, of holy warriors that will fight for me in my Name that will use my Name and my Word as their only weapons. We need nothing else. We will destroy them, all the evil and the ones that will take his side. I made him and I will take him away.

You are my people, my children and I will lift you up with power stronger than he could ever give them. We will frighten people with my power and they will be afraid for they will know it is the truth. They will know I am the Lord their God and I am. Fear not that they will not listen because I will make them listen and I will make them know in their heart of hearts and they will not be able to dismiss my awesome power.

I am the Word. I am your air and we will breathe – we will all breathe- you will breathe my breath out into the world and it will swirl into the air as a scent riding upon the smoke of incense, rising and swirling and permeating the air. You are my scent, you are my breath, and you will carry this power with you as you spread through the air of the whole world making everyone smell the sweet smell and want more. They will want to follow. They will want more.

This is the quickening. The time is now. I will cause it to go faster and faster until it is impossible for people to live without me. Their lives will no longer work without me. The ridiculousness of this system will become apparent to all, believers and non-believers, and I will bring them home. I will call them back. I want them all, for all are mine. I will not let him take them because they are mine. Fight for what is mine. Fight for my children, save my children. Bring my children home. Bring my children home. Bring my children home.

The end is fast approaching and you are to tell people, all people, all day. You are the ones they will listen to. You will hold my Word, you will use my book, you will fight them with it and you will win them with it. There is nothing else. There is no other weapon. This is the only tool you need. Use my Word, use my book, carry it with you day and night. Never be without your shield, I am your shield and my book is your protector. Spread my protection, share my shield.

Help them for they cannot help themselves. I will protect them if they come to me, and you will help them come to me. I am the Lord your God and you will listen to my voice. I will call them and I have called you and you must act upon my calling and work for me now. I am I am I am and you are mine. Do my work. Do my work for me and preach. Go and preach now. Tell them all. Preach my words.

The books and the blogs will be the medium. People will listen to them. <Name withheld> is ignoring me. She is not listening to me. She is getting caught up in the world, in the fame and the glory and she is to tell my word. People will listen to her. She is to spread the word. Why won’t she tell my word? Why won’t she listen to me?

All the bloggers will listen to me. We will take it over and we will raise up a powerful influence so strong that they will all listen. Choose your partners. Choose your army. I will give them to you. Ask them and I will make them say yes. I will give to you the ones you choose but choose wisely because they will not all work as hard as you think and as you want. Choose the ones that have me in their hearts and will live for me. Call together your army and I will help you seek them out.

We will find my soldiers, my new media evangelizers, my mouth. Be my mouth. Speak my words. I am the Lord Your God and you will listen. You will be my voice, you will say my words and I will give them to you and they will be like a sword to cut through to the heart of a man so you can see what it is. My words will cut them down and find them out. You will see. Use my words. There are no others as strong, there is nothing else. My Word is your sword.

You already have them. You have my gifts. Use them. Use my gifts to go out and preach. Preach. Preach to reach them all. Preach to reach. My gifts are with you they are in you and you can feel them in your head. Feel them and use them.

Floyd will show you the way. Ask him to answer my call. He will teach to reach. He will show you the way. I am strong in him and he can listen. He will hear me if you remind him. He will show you the way. Use my gifts, feel them now. Feel my power. IS this really what you wanted? Are you giving me everything? Use my gifts that I have given you and they will see and they will believe.

You will make them believe by showing what I have given you and they will know that it is not you but me. Feel my power. Feel my glory. I am He that made you and I can show you more. I will give you more if you give me all. I am the Lord and I am all.

I will teach you how. I will send Floyd to show you and to teach you and I will send you a teacher that you do not know. Listen to him. Listen to him and he will show you how. He will be your guide if you listen and do what he says.”

  1. wow… my eyes were welling up hearing God speak to my heart. thank you for sharing

  2. deborah - September 15, 2010

    God has directed me to your site.

  3. Monique - January 18, 2011

    Amen! The lord is an awesome God! I’ve received everything that the lord has told you. He’s raising up a mighty army and I will do his calling as well. May the lord bless you always! Be strong and bold for the lord for he’s always with us. Thank you so much for sharing what the lord has said.

  4. antia joshua - July 23, 2011

    infact God speaks there is no doubt that there is a leaving God.Jesus is Alife amen

  5. Michelle - September 12, 2011

    God has directed me to your website. I also write & type messages from God. They r very similar to yours!!

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