Reader Asks: I’m Not a Christian Yet and Demons are Haunting Me. What Should I Do?

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If you are not a Christian but are having troubles with hauntings by demons, you may be wondering what you should do.  A reader recently asked this question.  Here was my answer.

Make sure you read the deliverance prayer here: Deliverance Prayer: How to Cast out Demons from Yourself right away. If you’re not Christian, you’ll need to find a Christian church to go to and a mature Christian to help you start learning.

When we cast demons out, even in Jesus’ name and on his authority, they can come back and bother us and hurt us if we don’t work diligently to keep them away. This means reading the bible a lot, praying a lot, talking to God and asking him to fill us and our house with the holy spirit, asking for angels to come help protect us, etc.

The one important thing that might have been overlooked is a secret sin or wrongdoing from your past (or your ancestors’ past) that is still giving them a right to bother you. However, once you find out what that thing is, you can repent from it and ask God for forgiveness and be forgiven for that wrong forever!

Start looking into your past for the following things from you or your relatives (4 generations back):

  • Witchcraft, occult, using a Ouija board, tarot cards, being involved in zodiac, holding superstitions
  • Ancestor worship, making a shrine to your relatives
  • Praying to anyone or anything other than the one true God
  • Pornography or other sexual sins (sex before marriage, having affairs, etc.)
  • Crimes against others or by others done to you (stealing, lying, murder, abortion, sexual assault or abuse, etc.)
  • Being involved in non-Christian worship: Santeria, Wicca, Voodoo, Hoodoo, etc.
  • Being part of a secret society: Ku Klux Klan, Rainbow Girls, Knights Templar, Shriners, or any other group where you are involved but don’t find out the “true secrets” of the organization until later
  • Holding a grudge against someone or not forgiving someone for a wrong against you

Any of those things can create a stronghold, or a way in, for the devil and his demons. Until we find out those strongholds, repent of them (or renounce them in the case that it was something an ancestor has done), Satan and his demons will have the right to keep coming back and hurting you.

Pray this prayer of protection before bed or whenever you feel afraid:

“Dear God,

Please keep me safe tonight.  Please protect me from the enemy and deliver me from evil.  Please send an angel to our house to fight for us while we sleep and to fill the house with your glory. 

Please don’t let Satan or his demons come near our house, in our house, on our house, in us, on us, around us, in our thoughts, in our minds, or in our dreams. 

Please don’t let them give us ideas.  Please fill me with the Holy Spirit and with your love and power to fight evil. 

This is a house of God and my family serves you only.  There is no place for the devil here.  Please give us a special blessing and fill our hearts with love for you, God. 

In Jesus’ name,


This week, work on finding a good Christian church in your town that teaches straight from the bible. Ask the pastor or other staff member to help you get started learning about God and Jesus.

If you’re not already saved, that is high on the priority list!  Here is a prayer of salvation if you’re ready to give your life to God.

Keep strong as you learn and grow in Christ.  As always, feel free to post comments on Dangerous But Good with questions or prayer requests.

  1. Hello!

    I have some questions…mainly because i need an advice and i don’t know who to tell or contact.

    When i was younger i dream a really weird dream…it was in my >i think i doubt in God faze>the kingdom of god is within you<<……why i am here is more of the recent dreams i had…….

    my first dream is that i was in my old school all grown up… was like a reunion thing…there was an earthquake and everybody had to get out i was walking on the street and i saw a car accident i stepped to the car there were allot of ppl around me that could have checked but i bent over and looked inside..i saw a man that was bleeding from the accident and a demon or a vampire sucking his blood…the vampire acted casually as if what he told me i would see as truth and go away….but i got really angry and hissed at him like a cat and told him to get the hell out of here……and then he went away very scared but i kept thinking in my mind that he is very week for a demon….then i walked in a town and fought some other demons…somewhat as week as him…….

    my next dream is somewhat surprising for me…but before i tell u my dream i have to tell u a fact of mine…some years ago we had ghost problems……there was a ghost who wanted to act violet i could feel that from his presence but then we renovated and his spirit power minored….but the thing i did was to put well at least in my mind i did…i believed that nothing evil can enter my room…nothing that can hurt me…it was and is my safe place……so in my dream my door opened and i saw a demon family ,there was a mom demon ,dad demon and a child demon…i was angry that they dared to enter so i hissed at them like a cat and the dad demon looked scared and they went away…but in the same second i felt bad because i realized that they were actually hiding from something and they thought that my room was a safe place……so idk i just want ur opinion on things…..Thank you for taking your time and reading this i do apologize for any grammar mistakes but English is not my native tongue. I wish you a great day!

  2. I agree ouija boards are bad… I know people get curious and just wonder…but they should leave it at that…wonder… they don’t need someone playing with your mind and keeping you up at night; not to mention; noises in the night and someone calling your name; because they won’t just go away…I’ve done too much research on all of that stuff… And if you find crosses missing, holy objects disappearing, being woken up at 3:00 AM every night, and hearing sratching noises… in a lot of trouble…. God Be with you… God Bless and watch over you and your family every day..Say a hail Mary and a Our Father twice… even when you become afraid mention God and how much your soul is his to take and your heart is with the Lord and only the Lord…

  3. can someone please help me!! im 15 years old and i have been battling these demons for 2 years now…in these last 2 years ive had countless encounters with demons in my dreams too many to dream i had i was in the desert and my mom was with me and she started to say…you should join us your brothers an atheist too now(which i believe now the demon was trying to trick me by speaking in my mothers body)
    so i replied by saying i love jesus christ hes my lord and savior hes who gives me life.

    Sure enough as soon as i say that i start to hear angry voices building up loud and i knew right away it was another demon dream…so i started running with my mom and i turned around too see many spirits coming at me…so i started praying and jesus appeared by my side and gave me this cross…i pointed it straight at the demons who were coming and one by one they would disappear….jesus then saved me because i woke up right away…this is just 1 of the dreams…IVE HAD NEARLY A HUNDRED DREAMS WHERE JESUS COMES AND SAVES ME…please someone anyone give me advice they stopped for some months but are now coming back again and i dont know what to do

  4. Hello:
    I appreciate your website. Have you ever heard that if you stay up at night and cannot sleep it is because one is haunted? please let me know. this happens to me alot. my family were into santeria and it goes back many generation. i feel evil spirits are bothering me because i dont want to partake in any of it. my brothers and I are the last generation thus far. i dont know what to do for protection. i pray to God but not as often as i know i should. please leave me your advise.

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