Signs That a Demon or Evil Spirit is Leaving Your Body

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All of the following may be signs of a demon leaving your body.  Of course, since most of the below symptoms are normal bodily functions anyway, you’ll know there is something different and significant if they happen when you are either having demons cast out, praying, being prayed for, around people who are praying, or at church.

Signs That a Demon or Evil Spirit is Leaving Your Body

  • Coughing
  • Uncontrollable laughing
  • Screaming
  • Convulsing
  • Shaking
  • Shouting or swearing
  • Yelling
  • Burping
  • Sneezes
  • A strong wind coming out of your body
  • Pressure through any part of your body
  • Intense pain in one part of your body
  • Blood vessels bursting under the skin in one part of your body
  • Uncontrollable movements or jerking of your body or a specific body part

When the demon or demons are gone from your body, God will give you a knowing and a certainty of what has just happened.  You’ll have no doubt that God has just delivered you from Satan’s evil helpers.  Immediately praise God and Jesus and thank them for their mighty hands and strength!

Be aware that all demons will try to gain re-entry after they have been cast out of you, and as the Word tells us, they will bring friends.  It is interesting to note that they will usually try to get back into your body the same way they came out.  If one came out through your eyes, it will usually try to get back in through your eyes. 

To fight off their attacks, pray constantly and keep yourself filled with prayer and  read God’s Word to safeguard your body and your mind against evil spirits.

  1. jenna - April 26, 2011

    I was praying in tongues and my bfs chest got really tight then it was hard for me to breath we bouth were coughing a lot and passing gas

  2. tina - May 1, 2011

    Thank you for this site…I honestly thought i was going crazy till I stumbled onto this. There has been some very strange things happening to me since last August..I have tried to talk to other Christians about the events but they look at me like i have gone over the edge. I am not an unstable person but I have experienced demons talking to me through televison programs ( no paritcular one) . It is not on a regular basis. Has anyone experienced this too. I am also being made aware that there is communication that the carnal mind doesn’t tap into..not always through tv but also in daily talk. Has anyone gone through this too

  3. daeyshah baines - May 12, 2011

    last nite me and my aunt cast demons out of my friend and her body shook she sreamed and her mouth was wide open choki9ng and releasing it

  4. Brenda - August 14, 2011

    How to do help someone who is getting worse? I have cast demons out of my mother over the years and I know about the saying that more will come back if she doesn’t do anything (accept Jesus pray etc… ) to keep them away? This has been a long time and too long of a story to write out here. Should I keep casting them out of her everyday from a distance because I live far away frm her now. She has rid her home of the cross that she kept in her room, took down the picture of the last supper that has been up all our lives in the house we grew up in and there is an evil snake head formed in the picture above Jesus. She walks around like a zombie and is extremely hateful, spends time in a dark basement and its scary looking to see her walk up the stairs when u thought no one was home. ( I am not afraid of these demons) She has since moved out of that house – which formed dog-like demons in our tea cups. I don’t know how to help her if she lets them in. She gets a little normal when they are cast out of her but they come back and there must be many. Years ago she tried to attack me during and arguement and her eyes turned dark and hollow and when she got to me she went weak/blacked out as I stood over her and a demon voice said you were going to let me die ( i should have cast it out then in the name of Jesus Christ ) but I didn’t at that time – the neighbor kid was over downstairs with my daughter at the time and it scared her so much that she would never come down our block again!!!

    • Danelle Ice - Dangerous But Good - August 15, 2011

      @Brenda: You are correct that if she doesn’t accept Jesus, get on God’s side, and invite the Holy Spirit in, they will come back every time you send them out. It is frustrating to see someone who won’t take the action we know they need to. The best I can recommend is to pray constantly to God that He will lead her to Him when His time is right, that He will bring her back to the light and she will be able to make a conscious effort to fill herself with the Lord. I will pray for you and your mother. All you can do now is keep praying and wait on the Lord, because His time for everything is perfect. God bless!


  5. Brenda - August 16, 2011

    Thankyou so much…you confirmed what I was already thinking and I will continue to pray for her. Thankyou!

  6. Danelle Ice - Dangerous But Good - August 21, 2011

    @Tina: This is not unusual and your experiences do not sound crazy at all (I’ve heard them before). Demons will often try to prey on your fears or what they think will scare you (like doing things that sound to crazy to believe when no one else is around to see / hear it).

    It’s time to start praying a lot. Read the deliverance prayer found here

    When you have discernment of spirits you may be able to see and hear things that other people do not. If you don’t have a strong supportive Christian church to pray with you, it’s time to find one!

    Rev. Danelle

  7. I have been haveing issues at my home im scared i may get possesed because it has been more centered around me. i keep praying, i refuse to stop praying, i am highly sensitive. i refuse to sleep in my own home tonight i went back and asked God to send me gardian angels to protect me a min away from my home i yawned my jaw i thought clicked and my neck jerked a tad it was the left side of my face as soon as we pulled into my drive way my face was burning i felt like it really was on fire my brother got hot and almost passed out and my 2 yr old talked about his sister drinking milk with him (hes never heard the word sister to much at all ive only had one child and no misscariges)

    after that we left not even stepping foot out of my car the stuff before that was mild i dont like talking about it but anyone have ideas?

  8. Loralei - November 2, 2011

    I had a exorcism to days ago, yes All Saints Day or Halloween that was given by a Exorcist Priest issued by the Bishop. To obtain a exorcism is a lengthy procedure. You have to get a decon, then a priest then another priest in agreement, then the Bishop who gets permission from someone else…I forget who. Anyways, they pray on it, wait…get personal evidence that the devil is bothering you…they get backlash in some way….My story is a ugly one. Anyways, other signs a demon is leaving is deep deep yawning, nose starts running, headache, head starts to shake “no”, burning on urination, vomiting, muscles seize and you can actually begin to fall asleep, grinding of teeth ect. I gripped the wood kitchen table so hard that my nail marks are scratched across it now, nice token eh? My left arm burned my muscles ached and are still aching…you laugh manically and then you kind of gag and your muscles seize. It’s not like a movie, or mine wasn’t anyways. Thank you Jesus, Amen!

  9. Idittta Bennett - November 17, 2011

    I have been watching excorscims video on the internet. I got lots of manifestation, I screamed, I yawned, burped, and vomited, but I still thinks that the evil spirit still in me. I am wondering if they ever leave at all? I also has symptoms of scraping, burning,spams, as if insect crawelling on my feet, I know that these symptoms are demonic, but they just wont leave my feet. Could it be that each time they leave they returned. I am a baptised christian. mY enemies keep repeating the witchcraft curses on me.

    God Bless, you

  10. PATIENCE - February 21, 2012

    i had a dream where the demon was coming out and i woke up with a sore neck and the good part is i am on a forty day fast

  11. Susan Harding - February 28, 2012

    Don’t know if any of you guys know about Omega Man Radio which has mass deliverances several times a week, and it’s well worth listening to. A particularly good preacher is on every Friday, for a 3 – 4 hour show, Pastor John Kyle, from Montana, who has 28 years experience in pastoring and in the deliverance ministry. He starts off with usually an excellent sermon for an hour or so, then a mass deliverance for half to an hour, then phone-in deliverances. All very interesting and educative and I am addicted to it.

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