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Revelation from the Holy Spirit 3-22-10

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The Passion of the Christ DVDOn March 22, 2010, I was directed to watch the movie The Passion of the Christ, which I had never seen before.  While watching the movie, I was filled with uncontrollable grief.  Then I was given this revelation by the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the movie I went in my bathroom to get myself together.  My stomach was filled with a bitter feeling and I felt like I would throw up.  I looked in the mirror and saw my face, which did not seem real.  My eyes were red with blood as Jesus’ were, and the light which was shining out through the eyes was not human.  It was a bright light streaming through the lenses offering a clear distinction between the flesh and the Holy Spirit inside.

Thoughts started flying into my mind faster than I could even process them.  I felt compelled to go write down the thoughts so I would not forget them.  As soon as I sat down and started to write, my hand took over and wrote words faster than I have ever written in my life.

My arm was tingling.  Later, when reading the pages, I noticed the handwriting was different from my own, sloppy and a bit hard to read. Below are the 2 1/2 handwritten pages the Holy Spirit wrote through me on March 22, 2010.

“The feeling that God felt on that day is the reason we must feel loss from death, so that we can feel the same.  There is no other way to feel and know and understand God’s sacrifice to us as a parent.

Our emotions are not human emotions.  We are created in His image with His emotions.  God was sad as Jesus suffered as a father and mother feel for their child in pain.  We have to be able to feel that sadness to make us know what He went through.  But He has all the power.  He will make it as though it never happened.

Satan’s anger in that moment of Jesus’ death was the strongest ever in existence, and it happened on Earth right where he was and was transferred to the world and cannot escape.  The anger of knowing he did exactly as he was expected to do and although it was exactly what he wanted to do, he sealed his fate and set into motion the events which would be his undoing.  That is the greatest anger ever known and its strength is being magnified as it echoes in the Earth and fills those in his path who can be used.

As I write this passage I am aware that I have never thought these thoughts before and my hand feels hot as though filled with fire and although my arm is aching, my hand will not stop writing.

Mary’s love as a mother to Jesus is his love for us, is the reason we are always to feel sadness at separation but we are to know that all things in Him are made better and the feeling we must feel to understand will just as quickly and purposefully be taken away that we might not suffer as he did and as God did.  You see, it is the same thing even though it is two opposite things.  They are the same but they are contradicting.

Jesus’ brother was so angry in that moment that he had succeeded and now the only way to proceed was to fight for his life, but he knew that he had no chance of winning.  The end of the fight has already happened and he has seen it with his sight and he is ferocious and will not forgive us for never being able to comprehend that feeling because it is not a feeling that we have because it is not a Godly emotion and therefore not one we were created with in His image or are able to comprehend.

He hates us and will stop at nothing to try to get us to turn against God because that is the only way we will ever be able to feel or understand the impending doom of nonexistence – to curse God and ally with Satan to secure a place in punishment with him at the end.  That will be his next best thing to punishing Jesus – to take away his precious and make them feel what he feels.

Satan can never undo Jesus’ sacrifice so the way to get his revenge is to take us away from Jesus and God and make his sacrifice not count for us after all.”

Below are the 2 1/2 handwritten pages the Holy Spirit wrote through me on March 22, 2010.

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